The first Swissair Planes were taken over from Balair and Ad Astra, and had no particular Livery. They usually were bare metal, or painted wood. Also, the Logo was not the same on all aircraft, and Swissair, Swiss Air Lines or Switzerland title were used! This Livery lasted until the late 40's early 50's, when the livery with the double red stripes started appearing. Also in this period were the famous 'neutral' colors that Swissair aircraft wore during WWII.


In the Beginning of the 50's Swissair finally had a color-scheme throughout its fleet of aircraft and used it's arrow with Swissair in it and 'Swiss Air Lines' as title. They used a double red cheatline with the belly being bare metal, and the top of the aircraft white.


With the arrival of the DC-7c, the livery changed again, and the aircraft only had one red cheatline. Also, the titles were all changed to 'Swissair' and the new Logo was more prominent.


With the introduction of the DC-9-81, Swissair changed it's livery once again, after a long time. It was completely new, and the red cheatline was replaced by two different shades of brown. Also, the Tail is now completely red with the swiss cross on it. Since Swissair also adopted a new logo, the swissair title changed in color, size and font to reflect this.


In 1995 Swissair introduced a more modern look with the arrival of the A320 family. The cheatline was dropped, and the aircraft flew in snow white, with grey belly. The red swissair markings were increased in size in order to stregthen the brand. Also, the 'an SAirLines' stripes were later added, as were painted winglets at the end.

ca. 2000

In accordance with other Qualiflyer Group Airlines Swissair introduced blue bellies with Qualiflyer markings on its aircraft, as did AOM, Sabena, etc. Before the Swissair Group collapsed, Swissair decided to drop this livery again in favour of the previous 'white livery'. During this time some MD-11's, A330's and also A320 and A321 wore the blue belly, however no A319 came to wear it...

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